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Take Your Seats Symposium

Shipley Museum


Take Your Seats

06   /   02   /   2016

Invitation to talk about “How our bodies know our minds , sitting and the chair” How we move through space  and encounter the designed objects around our human frame such as clothing or the physical space and dimensions of the rooms and buildings we occupy with their furnishings and furniture.

We all sit. We find ourselves through the day sitting in different positions and in different places for different reasons. Today I am asking you as the audience to watch the performers and reflect about your experiences of sitting and chairs.


What is the process of sitting on a chair, how do we encounter, move to the chair and visually recognize the object of chair. How do we perceive the fabrications of the chair? Is it Cold Hard Soft Warm? 

How do we approach the chair and what are our personal experiences in walking, running or indeed dancing and skipping to go and sit on a chair? 

How do we move to the place of the chair?

How do we feel about our individual somatic response to lowering our bodies onto the seat? How do we grasp the back or side edges of the chair. 

What is our physical understanding of knowing the height of the chair in relation to our own bodies? How does our intuition in how we use our body weight to perform the act of sitting? Does the chair or seat meet with our visual cognition, our expectations of height, cushion softness, support, and resistance?

How is our somatic experience changed when we encounter new chairs and products? Our bodies learn through physical encounters to adjust to new environments by recalling past experiences.

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