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July 2013

Expressions of a

Sun Society

01   /   07   /   2012

Expressions of a Sun Society

This project was a collaboration with Eurovet Exhibition Organisers and Concepts Trend Forecasting Agency and was undertaken in July 2012. Fashion Staff and Students were invited by both companies (Eurovet and Concepts) to Exhibit in the Central Hall of the Exhibition to show conceptual garments using new materials and processes. The materials were given by leading textile manufacturer’s Limonella, Carvico, Plymouth Elastics and EuroJersey. The  processes of Bonding and laminating fabrics to create new structures and finishes in Swimwear informed the 11,000 Interfiliere visitors of how they could use innovative design to enhance growth in this market.


One of the key areas of interest to this exhibition and market for 2016 was innovations in both Fibre and warp knit structure. Particularly EuroJersey’s Sensitive range with the use of Nurel a fibre constructed from Lycra and Polyamide Microfibre. The unique construction allows for a flatter surface without the traditional ‘roll’ that happens on cutting single jersey fabrics. This in turn allows for accuracy in cutting and manufacturing for both traditional and new construction methods. In bonding , adhering fabric substrates to themselves it is necessary to have a consistent flat surface for the adhesion to work. The flat surface also feels better against the skin and is devoid of harsh or irritating seam structures.


The fashion staff independently and working with recent graduates made over 65 swimwear items for the exhibition “Expressions of the Sun Society”.

In 2012 Expressions of the Sun Society generated impact through both the exhibits and the Jointly Presented seminar talk given by Janine Hunt and Sarah Morehead. The attendees commented on design expertise, use of materials and the value of the research undertaken on how people use swimming as an activity in their lives. Our research indicated that ‘Studies have shown that purchasing sportswear that feels good and aids identity construction can help individuals maintain their personal fitness regimes.’

Since these exhibitions we have developed partnerships with Speedo, Montane, Berghaus and Lacoste to further advance staff research and research informed teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.

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