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Inspiration to find a modern context for lace from the Blackbourne Collection
Fine and Fashionable at Bowes Museum

30   /   07   /   2008


Fashion Design and Marketing Students were invited Study, Design and Create a creative contemporay response to the Museum’s historically significant Blackborne Lace Collection. The exhibition was organised in response to a surge in interest in lace, with collections by designers like McQueen, Dior and Valentino and Vivienne Westwood

The students work exhibited showed diverse modern interpretations of what could be achieved with contemporary construction methods. the student accompanying exhibition to the major Blackborne  display was curated by Sarah Morehead and Hilary Mcgloughlin.  

Since this event many staff and student exhibitions have been undertaken. The relationship between Bowes  Museum and Northumbria University has developed and is now formally recognised in a Cultural partnership of research-based projects culminating in high profile exhibitions of work.

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