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Response to Design Age Institute Brief

Coaroon Coat

19   /   02   /   2023

Considering those who work from home or live indoors for long periods of time, the concept of turning down your heating and wearing a naturally warm full length house coat appeals to all ages and genders.

As people age, they have less tolerance to cold temperatures which can significantly impact their health and independence. Coaroon, which takes its name from ‘cocoon coat’ and from the Scottish word 'coorie' meaning cuddle, is a garment that supports an individual’s freedom of movement at home, while sustaining an even body temperature across a range of everyday activities.

Answering a brief set by the Design Age Institute at The Royal College of Art and using extensive research, design engineering and fabric innovation, the Cocoon Coat is designed to support ease of movement, reduce drafts, and allow the feet to be drawn inside when seated. User testing throughout the development has helped to shape Coaroon’s unique aesthetic and fabrication.

Designed for all with a range of patterns, this long A Line stylish coat has been tested through focus groups and trials at every stage of development. Skilfully designed with curved pockets to allow for keeping hands warm, a rounded collar avoids drafts at the neck along with a unique button up front to avoid trip hazards.

We heard how many people heat one room but then get cold when they moved between rooms in houses. Our full-length coat keeps a continuous temperature due to the keratin rich fibres of cashmere guard hair and wool. Designed to keep legs and feet warm, it also works for those who like to curl up on the sofa.

As co designers, Sarah Morehead and Joan Johnston hold strong sustainable values and keen to support UK manufacture, we proudly make with selected natural materials at Self Made Studios, a community interest company in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham

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